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Type 1 Diabetes FUNHockey

As part of our FUNdamental hockey program, we will be shortly creating an initiative dedicated to improving the lives of children living with diabetes. It is our goal to bring children together from across the province that share a passion for hockey. We will build upon the pioneering work conducted by our colleagues and friends at York University. This includes leading researchers Dr. Michael Riddell and Dr. Veronica Jamnik.


Our program takes inspiration from the various elite athletes that live with type 1 diabetes and achieve extraordinary feats. There is no limit to the potential of someone living with Type 1 diabetes.


Here is a short list of athletes that live with Type 1 diabetes.


Bobby Clarke (NHL Hockey Player; NHL Hall of Fame)

Max Domi (NHL Hockey Player)

Nick Boynton (NHL Hockey Player)

Cory Conacher (NHL Hockey Player)

B.J. Crombeen (NHL Hockey Player)


Ron Santo (MLB Infielder)

Sam Fuld, (MLB Outfielder)

Mark Lowe (MLB Pitcher)

Brandon Morrow (MLB Pitcher)

Dustin McGowan (MLB Pitcher)

Bill Gullickson (MLB Pitcher)


Gary Hall Jr (Swimming; Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist)

Chris Jarvis (Rowing; Olympic, World Champion)

Kris Freeman (Cross-country skier)

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