Research Equipment

Our facility houses a mass spectrometer (Amis 2000), triaxial accelerometers, beat-by-beat Polar heart rate recording devices, a pulse wave velocity analysis system, an applanation tonometer, a customized Pulse Decomposition analysis system (for beat-by-beat blood pressure and cardiovascular measurements), two transcranial Doppler systems, stand-alone 2-D Doppler cardiac ultrasounds, two portable ultrasounds (Vivid and Logiq), three impedance cardiography systems, beat-by-beat blood pressure monitors (Finometer and Finapres), a near-infrared spectrophotometer (Niro 300, Hammamatsu), two cardiac stress testing systems (including two 12 lead ECG and treadmill systems), metabolic carts (including portable system), a telemetric electrocardiography (3-lead) monitoring system, several pulse oximeters, heart rate variability analysis equipment, interactive video game training systems (GameBikeTM, Cateye), Monark rehabilitation cycle ergometers, several electronically braked cycle (arm and leg) ergometers, automated defribillators, and a complete rehabilitation equipment for spinal cord injury, heart disease, and other clinical populations. This equipment allows for the complete evaluation of left ventricular function, diffusion capacity, oxygen kinetics, endothelial/vascular function, heart rate variability, and cerebral and skeletal muscle oxygenation and blood flow during resting and/or exercise conditions.

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