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Air Quality and Exercise In Persons Living with Coronary Artery Disease

February 24, 2019 Recent Events No Comments

Congratulations to Dr. Warburton and his team on the publication of a paper in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Medicine. This work was the culmination of a Health Canada funded project that examined the effects of air pollution in persons living with coronary artery disease providing evidence-based recommendations for healthcare professionals and patients alike. This paper included three trainees from our program.

Warburton DER, Bredin SSD, Shellington E, Cole C, de Faye A, Harris J, Kim D, and Abelsohn A. A systematic review of the short-term health effects of air pollution in persons living with coronary heart disease. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2019;8(2):274; https://doi.org/10.3390/jcm8020274

Article Published in Prestigious Journal of Clinical Medicine

February 7, 2019 Recent Events No Comments

A sincere congratulations to Nana Wu (PhD Student) and other members of our team on the publication of a systematic review in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Medicine (Impact Factor = 5.583). We are honoured to say that this publication includes six trainees and both directors from our program.

Wu N, Bredin SSD, Guan Y, Dickinson K, Kim D, Chua Z,Kaufman K, Warburton DER. Cardiovascular health benefits of exercise training in persons living with Type 1 Diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2019;8:253; doi: 10.3390/jcm8020253

Well done team!

CIHR Project Grant: Great News

January 24, 2019 Recent Events No Comments

Congratulations to Dr Warburton () and his team (including Dr Shannon Bredin) on receiving the prestigious 5 year CIHR Project grant ($707,625) for their project “Engaging Indigenous Ways of Knowing to Enhance Health and Wellness.”

Congratulations to Shawn Hanna, Kai Kaufman, and Henry Lai

January 17, 2019 Recent Events No Comments

Congratulations to Shawn Hanna, Kai Kaufman, and Henry Lai from the on being selected to participate in the prestigious CIHR Indigenous Gender and Wellness: Idea Fair and Learning Circle. Well done!

“Fit but unhealthy? UBC study finds hidden heart disease risk in athletes”

September 2, 2018 Recent Events No Comments

We are pleased to say that one of our studies was highlighted recently on various media outlets and by the BMJ journals. This work was conducted as part of Barb Morrison’s graduate work (Experimental Medicine) under the supervision of Dr. Warburton and colleagues from SportsCardiologyBC. For further information please click on the following links:




“Yes, hot yoga is awesome. Science says so”

July 18, 2018 Recent Events No Comments

Research from the Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation Laboratory was recently highlighted in the Globe and Mail. The article by Alex Hutchinson discusses the potential benefits of training in a hot yoga environment in elite Olympic field hockey players. This work was conducted as part of Andrew Perrotta’s PhD thesis in Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, under the supervision of Dr. Darren Warburton. We are proud of the work of our trainees and our continued work with Field Hockey Canada and various other professional and national teams.


Pacific Thunder

June 23, 2018 Recent Events No Comments

We are pleased to say that our senior boys hockey team (UBC Pacific Thunder) are scheduled to play in the upcoming Whistler International Allstar Hockey Tournament. Our 2005 aged boys will participate in this prestigious tournament as part of the Program of Excellence in Sport Development. This year’s team will have players from Alberta, Greater Vancouver, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island. This includes players from leading spring hockey programs and hockey academies such as the Pacific Selects, Vancouver Vipers, Vancouver Selects, Steelers, BC Bears, Island Stars, BC Blackhawks, St. George’s Hockey Academy, BWC Hockey Academy, and Delta Hockey Academy.


We are pleased to say that our team won the bronze medal in this tournament and more importantly got to meet kids from diverse regions of North America. The kids were great ambassadors for our programming demonstrating that it is possible to have fun and succeed at elite youth hockey. We are indebted to all of the kids, their parents and families, and spring programs that allowed their players to play for our team. Most will be entering elite hockey academies in the fall. We look forward to watching the careers of these elite players.

Here are a few pictures that capture the kids during the tournament. We are particularly proud to show the picture of Zach Zapanta and his little brother Zyann Zapanta who have been athletes and athlete mentors in our programming for several years. You will also notice the retro jerseys that the kids chose to wear, really speaks to why the kids play hockey (#FUN, #fundamentalhockey).



New Centre

May 29, 2018 Recent Events No Comments

We are honoured to announce that our main research laboratories have been moved to the Lower Mall Research Station. We are particularly proud of our new program, Indigenous Studies in Kinesiology.

CIHR Catalyst Grant

January 26, 2018 Recent Events No Comments

Congratulations to Dr. Darren Warburton (PI) and his team on receiving a $109,911 CIHR Catalyst Grant: Indigenous Approaches to Wellness!

His team includes Dr. Jan Hare (LLED; Co-PI), Dr. Shannon Bredin (Co-applicant; Knowledge User; KIN), R Miles (Principal Knowledge User), Dr. Moss Norman (KIN; Co-Applicant), P Oh (University of Toronto; Co-Applicant), Dr. Ryan Rhodes (University of Victoria; Co-Applicant) and Gail Sparrow (Collaborator; Knowledge User).

The aim of this Catalyst Grant is to provide seed money to support research activities related to Indigenous approaches to wellness which represent the first steps towards the pursuit of more comprehensive funding opportunities (e.g., operating grants). This grant funds researchers who, in collaboration with the Indigenous community, will develop, evaluate, and build on existing tools and methods to better incorporate Indigenous concepts of wellness in health research designs.


FUN hockey! UBC Thunder

January 18, 2018 Recent Events No Comments
FUN hockey! UBC Thunder


We are pleased to announce that FUNdamental Hockey (FUN Hockey) is in full swing for this spring and summer. Our development sessions are currently ongoing and our Thunder teams will participate in a series of development sessions with the ultimate goal of participating in exhibition games, a jamboree, and/or local tournament. Currently, we are working on research initiatives with children born in the years 2004-2008. If your son or daughter in interested in this program please feel free to contact our team (Dr. Rosalin Miles (rosalin.miles@ubc.ca); 604-822-1337 or Dr. Darren Warburton darren.warburton@ubc.ca).

About FUNdamental Hockey (FUN Hockey): Thunder

FUNdamental Hockey (FUN Hockey) is a leading off-ice development program for youth hockey players. This initiative is part of our “Program of Excellence in Sport Development” consisting of a program specially designed for athletes from the ages of 4 – 18 yr. The FUNdamental Development for Hockey Performance (FUN Hockey) program is centred on the guiding principal that hockey should be fun for all children regardless of skill level. Moreover, it is designed in an age-appropriate manner to ensure that skills fundamental for growth and performance are developed. FUN Hockey and our Thunder teams were developed to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn about hockey in a FUN and nurturing environment. Our program is run by faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and volunteers dedicated to youth sport. This initiative builds upon the research and work of Drs. Bredin and Warburton with youth and high performance athletes. Our program was created leading up to the 2010 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games as part of the Sport Cardiology and Musculoskeletal Assessment Research Team (SMART 2010) for the 2010 Vancouver Games. We are pleased to continue our various related grassroots research initiatives and spring hockey development for children from across the lower mainland.

SPRING JAMBOREE (2007-2008 Age Group)

FUNdamental Hockey is dedicated to the development of fundamental movement skills in a fun and safe environment. As part of this research- and community-based initiative, we are organizing the first annual UBC FUNdamental Hockey Jamboree to be held in Greater Vancouver (location and date to be determined so that it does not conflict with other spring hockey programs and sporting events). This Jamboree is designed for boys and girls that are currently playing minor and/or spring hockey. Children from across Canada and BC are welcome to attend. The tournament is designed to provide professional coaching and game play in a non-competitive environment. Emphasis will be placed on fun including fun in game events (such as shoot outs and various competitions). Depending upon the number of players enrolled we may play in a 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 format. Each child will play in at least 3-4 games.

The 2017 Jamboree is for boys and girls between born in the year 2007 and 2008. Other ages may be accommodated if there is enough interest. Parents will be asked to rate their children so that an equal balancing of teams can occur. Please note that the games will be held in the Greater Vancouver region (UBC, Delta, and/or Richmond) and that some games may occur during the weekday (late afternoon or evening). As we are advocates for higher education, we will aim to attempt to limit the number of games played during regular school hours. We will also try to avoid times that conflict with other spring sports (as best as possible).

Our 2007 and 2008 Jamboree can likely accommodate 40 or more players. We encourage children to play for other spring teams and use our jamboree as a fun event to end the spring hockey season. It is anticipated that from this group of kids that 3 on 3 teams and/or regulation teams will naturally evolve. At the end of the day, it is about the kids having fun and meeting each other. If your son or daughter in interested in playing in this FUN jamboree tournament please feel free to contact Dr. Rosalin Miles (rosalin.miles@ubc.ca); 604-822-1337.

Our Instructors

Mark Rice

Mark is completing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Bredin. Mark’s research focus is on talent identification in young athletes. Of particular interest is the ability to predict elite athleticism in youth hockey players. Mark is originally from Calgary Alberta where he attended the University of Calgary and received a BSc in Kinesiology. He completed his MSc at UBC working with youth hockey players (under the supervision of Dr. Bredin). Mark brings with him a high level of sport performance in various sports as a as an ex-professional golfer who played on the Canadian Golf Tour as well as a national squash team member, and a high level hockey player (drafted to the WHL).

Nick Held

Nick Held is a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr. Warburton. He also works at Fortius Sport & Health as the Director of Hydrotherapy. He has extensive experience in sport/performance conditioning and rehabilitation for wide ranging clientele. This includes working with a variety of professional athletes from the NBA, NHL, AHL, MLS and CFL, as well as Olympic athletes from Field Hockey Canada, Canadian Soccer Association, Rugby Canada, Snowboard Slopestyle and Athletics. He has a Masters degree in Sport Psychology. As a current PhD student in the Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation laboratory at UBC he has a passion for helping athletes optimize performance and reach their full potential. He is currently working a high performance physiologist with Canada’s National Men’s Field Hockey Team. He played Junior B Lacrosse and was drafted to the QMJHL playing Junior A hockey in Ontario.

Volunteers and Directed Studies Students

Our program involves approximately 10-15 student volunteers completing graduate or undergraduate work at the University of British Columbia. The majority of these individuals are from the School of Kinesiology. Some students will also complete directed studies projects working under the direct supervision of Dr. Bredin and/or Dr. Warburton. Interested students should send a letter of contact and short CV to Dr. Rosalin Miles (rosalin.miles@ubc.ca); 604-822-1337.