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Dr. Shannon Bredin

Dr. Shannon S. D. Bredin (PhD, MSc, BEd)

Dr. Shannon Bredin is an Associate Professor, the co-Director of the Physical Activity Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit, and the founder/director of the Cognitive and Functional Learning Laboratory and the Systematic Reviews Research Laboratory at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Bredin is considered a leader in community-based initiatives in the field of physical activity and health. For example, she is co-director of the innovative telehealth program, the Physical Activity Line (www.physicalactivityline.com), Canada’s free resource for evidence-based physical activity information. She was a principal investigator on the Getting Games Fit program for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Dr. Bredin was also a major contributor to the creation of the new evidence-based Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+) and the new electronic Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (ePARmed-X+). In 2011, Dr. Bredin was awarded a University of Alberta Alumni Award of Excellence for her accomplishments in the field. Dr. Bredin’s research program examines factors that promote the health benefits of physical activity, as well as physical activity in relation to motor development, learning, and human performance. Her research covers a wide spectrum, including (but not limited to) infants and children, pregnancy and the early years of parenthood, elite performers, as well as persons with chronic disease. Dr. Bredin is also trained specialist in systematic reviews of the literature and has completed more than 30 systematic reviews of the literature for various research groups and organizations. She is also the founding Editor of the Health and Fitness Journal of Canada.