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We are honoured to partner with Brad Zdanivsky and SOC Robotics Inc. to examine and refine the openPAW. Brad, a person living with tetraplegia, has been involved in several research investigations in our laboratory. He is the consultant on all of our clinical trials with persons living with spinal cord injury. His innovative line of reasoning has changed drastically the way we look at spinal cord injury. For more information on Brad and some of his innovative ideas we recommend highly that you read Brad’s article in the Health & Fitness Journal of Canada, and visit his website (http://verticalchallenge.org). Brad’s story is a truly remarkable one.

Recently, Brad created a power-assisted wheelchair that goes well beyond traditionally available equipment. We are working (supported in part by funding provided by MITACs) to examine the physiological and psychological benefits of using this system. We will use this information to assist the inventors in optimizing the health benefits arising from this system for use in rehabilitation settings. This research has the potential to affect positively the health and well being of thousands of Canadians living with SCI.