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Pacific Thunder

June 23, 2018 Recent Events No Comments

We are pleased to say that our senior boys hockey team (UBC Pacific Thunder) are scheduled to play in the upcoming Whistler International Allstar Hockey Tournament. Our 2005 aged boys will participate in this prestigious tournament as part of the Program of Excellence in Sport Development. This year’s team will have players from Alberta, Greater Vancouver, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island. This includes players from leading spring hockey programs and hockey academies such as the Pacific Selects, Vancouver Vipers, Vancouver Selects, Steelers, BC Bears, Island Stars, BC Blackhawks, St. George’s Hockey Academy, BWC Hockey Academy, and Delta Hockey Academy.


We are pleased to say that our team won the bronze medal in this tournament and more importantly got to meet kids from diverse regions of North America. The kids were great ambassadors for our programming demonstrating that it is possible to have fun and succeed at elite youth hockey. We are indebted to all of the kids, their parents and families, and spring programs that allowed their players to play for our team. Most will be entering elite hockey academies in the fall. We look forward to watching the careers of these elite players.

Here are a few pictures that capture the kids during the tournament. We are particularly proud to show the picture of Zach Zapanta and his little brother Zyann Zapanta who have been athletes and athlete mentors in our programming for several years. You will also notice the retro jerseys that the kids chose to wear, really speaks to why the kids play hockey (#FUN, #fundamentalhockey).



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