A Heartfelt Goodbye to Visiting Scholar Nanu Wu!

On behalf of the Physical Activity Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Unit we would like to acknowledge the departure of our friend and colleague, Nana Wu. Nana visited from Shanghai (China) and became a valued and trusted member of our team. It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Nana. We are happy that Nana is now able to return to her family and friends in China. However, we will certainly miss Nana.

Nana was an exceptionally hard worker taking on every opportunity afforded her. Her work ethic provided a great example to all of our trainees. She was a part of virtually every trial in our laboratory over the time that she spent in our laboratory. Nana has been a great ambassador for our Pan Pacific Trainee Exchange program.

Nana’s compassion for and ability to work with others was remarkable. This was evidenced when our entire laboratory showed up to say goodbye to Nana. There were tears all around reflecting clearly the impact that Nana had on each of us. We look forward to working with Nana in the future and sincerely hope that she will be able to continue studies at the University of British Columbia. Nana will always be welcome in our program.


Darren and Shannon

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