Dedicated to the Prevention, Treatment, and Cure of Type 1 Diabetes

The Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation Laboratory and the Cognitive and Functional Learning Laboratory at the University of British Columbia are dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of Type 1 diabetes. In the near future, a series of initiatives will be launched by Drs. Bredin and Warburton and the Physical Activity Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention unit designed for children living with Type I diabetes. Boys Listening to Hockey InstructionsWe will build upon our strengths in technology development, the secondary prevention of chronic disease, and exercise medicine. We will also partner with leading researchers from around the world to ensure that those living with type 1 diabetes can live full and happy lives.

We proudly support both basic and applied research in the field and the ongoing work of the Canadian Diabetes Association and the JDRF. This includes supporting research related to: Preventative, Treatment and Cure Therapies. We strongly support research seeking the cure for Type 1 diabetes and welcome collaborations from all fields. We support the JDRF’s ultimate goal of a “A world without Type 1 diabetes.” We believe strongly that a cure for Type 1 diabetes is within our reach.

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